2018 Speakers

This year’s list of speakers and their bios.

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Biohack The Planet is a conference meant to organize a community around learning and discovering so that we can share it with eachother.

Event Details

Location: The OMNI Commons – 4799 Shattuck Ave, Oakland, Ca 94609

Friday August 31st: 7pm-11pm

Saturday September 1st:  10am-10pm

The Omni Commons is a community organization and space that promotes education and access.It is located just off of the 580 and 24 expressways sitting just 8 blocks away from the MacAurthur BART stop(walkable).

Featured Speaker

Founder of Kernel, OS Fund, and Braintree

Bryan Johnson

In 2016, he founded Kernel, investing $100M to build advanced neural interfaces to treat disease and dysfunction, illuminate the mechanisms of intelligence, and extend cognition. Kernel is on a mission to dramatically increase our quality of life as healthy lifespans extend. He believes that the future of humanity will be defined by the combination of human and artificial intelligence (HI +AI).

In 2014, Bryan invested $100M to start OS Fund which invests in entrepreneurs commercializing breakthrough discoveries in genomics, synthetic biology, artificial intelligence, precision automation, and new materials development.

In 2007, Bryan founded Braintree (acquired Venmo) which he sold to PayPal in 2013 for $800M. Bryan is an outdoor-adventure enthusiast, pilot, and author of a children’s book, Code 7.