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As the BioHacker community grows, there is a need to disseminate information and facilitate interaction between individuals of different knowledge bases and areas of expertise. BioHTP is run by BioHackers, designed for BioHackers, with talks solicited from BioHackers.

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2016 Speakers


Anthony Di Franco

Co-founder and board member of Counter Culture Labs
founded the Open Insulin project

dfko_0 on Twitter

The Open Insulin project


Cory Tobin

President, TheLab
Coaxes proteins to do complex organic synthesis reactions using "janky homebuilt equipment"

@TheLAb on Twitter


David Alvarado

David is 1/2 of director duo that makes up Structure Films. Structure Films makes films about people doing cool S.H.I.T– science, health, information and technology
David on Twitter


David Brown

Developing new molecular tools to advance basic research + improve gene editing in clinically relevant cell types, in other words, "High Throughput Live Cell Genotyping: An information heist using stolen components"


David Ishee

Dog Breeder, Midgard Mastiffs
Seeks to prove that the technology to create genetically modified animals has advanced to the point that it's now within the reach of dog breeders with minimal equipment and cost


David Kong

MIT Lincoln Laboratory, EMW Community Center
synthetic biologist, community organizer, musician, and photographer
davidsunkong on Twitter


Drew Endy

Faculty in Stanford’s Bioengineering program
Board president of the BioBricks Foundation
@DrewEndy on Twitter

Drew Endy @ Stanford


Eri Gentry

Co-founder of BioCuriousLab
Research manager at Institute for the Future (IFTF)
erigentry on Twitter



Elizabeth Hénaff

Postdoc at Weill Cornell in NYC
Tool maker, microbe enthusiast, and "Superfund" explorer
e_lzbth on Twitter

Elizabeth Henaff


Heather Dewey-Hagborg

Transdisciplinary artist
Educator interested in art as research and critical practice

@hdeweyh on Twitter

Heather Dewey


Jason Sussberg

Jason is 1/2 of director duo that makes up Structure Films. Structure Films makes films about people doing cool S.H.I.T– science, health, information and technology
Jason on Twitter


Kate McLean

Writer, producer and filmmaker
Sundance Creative Producing Summit Fellow + San Francisco Film Society FilmHouse Resident

Kate on Twitter


Kate Adamala

Biochemist and bioengineer, interested in building synthetic life
Assistant professor in Department of Genetics, Cell Biology and Development at University of Minnesota

@kateadamala on Twitter


Mario Furloni

Filmmaker and cinematographer
UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism  Carnegie-Knight News21 fellow
His work has appeared on PBS, New York Times and TIME, among others



Mary Maggic

Artist & xenofeminist
based at MIT Media Lab, and member of the global Hackteria network

@diysect on Twitter


Megan J. Palmer

Scientist and engineer turned policy wonk
Senior Research Scholar at the Center for International Security and Cooperation

@meganjpalmer on Twitter


Michal Galdzicki

Citizen Salmon project lead, SoundBio, Seattle
Co-founded the Synthetic Biology Open Language (SBOL), an information exchange standard for biological engineering

Citizen Salmon


Nick Moench

Inoculum Ale Works Brewery in Spring Hill, FL

Inoculum Ale Works


Patrik D'haeseleer

Co-founder and chair of Counter Culture Labs
Instigator/troublemaker/contributor to a wide range of projects, including the BioPrinter, Ghost Heart, Vegan Cheese, BioSunBlock, Open Insulin, and more

@countrcultrlabs on Twitter


Sebastian Cocioba

Scientific consultant, School of Visual Arts in NYC Plant Biotechnology researcher, focus on the production of commercially and industrially valuable plant species

@NewYorkBotanics on Twitter


Thomas Landrain

Co-founder and President of La Paillasse community labs
La Paillasse experiments on scientific research formats to enable more open, distributed, and cooperative research

@LaPaillasse and@tholand_ on Twitter

Dates & Location.

The dates for the inaugural BioHTP are September 23, 24, and 25, 2016. Events will begin the afternoon of Friday the 23rd, and close on Sunday the 25th. Join us for the weekend! We're excited to announce that the event will be held at Omni Commons, a community space in Oakland, CA, and home to Counter Culture Labs.
Omni Commons
4799 Shattuck
Oakland CA 94114


Announcing the schedule for BioHTP. We intend to reserve a few open slots, so if you've got something to share, be prepared to share it.