Schedule 2018

A Biohacker Conference.



August 31st 7PM-9:35PM

Registration and Beer 5PM-7PM
Intro 7:00PM-7:15PM
David Ishee & Keoni Gandall Real Life: I am a Biohacker 7:15PM-7:45PM
Dan Grushkin & Ramy Kim Creating a Community of Biohackers 7:50PM-8:20PM
Melissa Runfeldt & AL AI vs The Brain 8:25PM-8:55PM
Michael Specter & Drew Endy The Future of Biotech 8:55PM-9:35PM
After Party Location to Be Announced



Sept. 1st from 10AM-6PM

Registration and Intro 10:00-10:10
Biohacker Grant Winner Talks 10:10-11:00
Zack Hargreaves & Amal Graafstra Starting a Biotech Company 11:00-11:40
Kristen Brown & Doug Friedman Building a Safe and Accessible Future 11:45-12:30
Luis Ceze & Andrew Hessel More Than Just DNA 12:35PM-1:05PM
Lunch Saturday 1:05PM-2:20PM
Rich Lee & Stephanie Lee(not related) The Future of Human Implants 2:30PM-3:10PM
Tristan Roberts & Patti Zettler Self Experimentation and Bioethics 3:15PM-3:55PM
Zoltan Istvan & Alex Pearlman Transhumanism Too Good For Humans? 4:00PM-4:40PM
Josiah Zayner & Hamilton Morris Why We Do What We Do 4:45PM-5:30PM
After Party Location to be Announced